The Watercolour Course with Jane Ward

Always fancied Painting with Watercolours? Why not give it a go.........

Not sure where to begin, let me show you with my watercolor course, designed for beginners who want to develop their watercolour skills and techniques while working at their own leisure.

With each project you will learn many techniques and start to paint inspiring paintings.

Clear and informative photographs for you to work through in your own time explaining everything you need to know on how to paint a watercolour landscape painting. Watch Your style grow with each stage.

Personal feedback on each of the six projects so you never get stuck and wonder what to do next. Giving many tips on where to buy materials and equipment, and explaining in detail the joys of watercolour

The Online course

Students will learn many new tips including how to capture misty atmosphere in a mountain landscape, Easy Colour mixing, Why tonal values are so important, and successful ways to paint skies, lakes and trees. Just some of the techniques included and with lots of positive feedback to help you discover the artist inside.

With Three courses to choose from ranging from Beginners to Intermediate level.

Each Course includes six projects with individual sketches, colour tags, a materials list and step by step demonstration with plenty of photographs and handy tips along the way.


The Beginners Online Watercolour course is £55.00 for six individual projects.

Sign up Today and start watercolor painting

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42 Clifford Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8PR England

An ideal present for an inspiring Artist.

Personalised Vouchers sent with a signed painted card by Jane Ward email me for more details for a painting holiday with Jane Ward


Reviews for Online Watercolour Courses

I had never tried an online course before and I am most impressed at how great it has been. Indeed I would rate it well above other classes I have attended.I have learnt so much and found great encouragements from your very kind comments. I feel much more confident and will try painting scenes which I would have been scared to try before. So I am enclosing my last project and I am delighted with it----not because it is great but because I can see how much I have progressed due to your excellent tuition! Joyce, Belfast

I wish to thank you for your help and encouragement which has helped improve my artwork Elizabeth Yorkshire

"I wish someone had told me these tips earlier, the course has been a real insight into watercolour" Steve, Newcastle.

'I am really pleased. Certainly one from "outwith the comfort zone" though! I really think that this course is what I needed to help me make progress and I'm loving it.Thanks Jude

'Can I have project 4 - the weather here is so nice its no hardship to sit in the sun and paint'. Sue from Turkey

'Looking forward to snow - never painted it before'. Margaret from North East

'I am looking forward to doing a third correspondance course with you. I feel I've gained so much from the last two, and now have a folder full of very useful tips and information that I can always refer to.' Jenny from Surrey.

I must admit that in no way would have chosen to do this picture outside of this course,I do not use a sponge, salt ,or masking fluid and so this was new to me. Well did I really say I wanted a challenge well this was but I have enjoyed the experience and my paintings can improve because of it. Ron from Somerset

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed it.I have learned so much and now get really excited when I paint in watercolours, You have so much inspired me Jane. Sue from Preston

I'm feeling a bit despondent about painting at the moment, sometimes I'm painting OK but I seem to have lost that lovely clarity of how watercolour should be and you're brilliant at that so maybe I'll pick up by doing your course. Carol from Tasmania

I look forward to the Winter on the Fells project, which is very apt at the moment, I feel cold just looking at it. John Bedfordshire

Well I have enjoyed all aspects of this 2nd course and it has encouraged me to do some regular painting. All the best and thanks. Ron from Somerset

Thank you for all your very encouraging comments on "Autumn Derwent Isle". Am so glad you liked it. With regard to the shadows on the eves and the window - I've put these in, and yes it works.I'd like to thank you for all the help and encouragement you've given me over the last three courses I've done with you. Jenny from Surrey

I must say I enjoyed very much doing these two paintings and no doubt have learnt a number of things. Naeem Qatar

I wish to thank you for your patience and comments for my work. I have gained confidence to be more brave in what I do For example I am about to start painting the Knaresborough scene of the bridge, cottages, river and surrounding woodlands,without your courses I would not have felt the confidence to undertake such a challenge
Thank you once again for your guidance Sonia from Merseyside


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